Full Service Management

Full-Service Management includes the complete financial, maintenance, administrative and social operations of your association.  We, in effect, become your business office as well as your professional advisors.  The areas below are included in Full-Service Management:

Financial Management – provides for collection of assessments, banking, bill payment, delinquent account collections, budgeting and periodic/annual financial reports.

Maintenance Management – contracting for the association’s landscape, building, and amenities maintenance/operations. Routine specifications are drafted, bids solicited, and contract compliance administered.  Specifications of a non-technical nature can be drafted for the association in the areas of landscape maintenance, painting, roof replacement, deck replacement, asphalt maintenance and other small repair projects, insurance, accounting and other services.  These specifications facilitate bidding and provide greater satisfaction with the completed job.

Administrative Management – allows an association to transfer services to us such as taking & handling owner requests, refunds, storage, information distribution to the community, and other clerical tasks. As an example, we will respond to residents calls and e-mails for information or service, reply to correspondence, provide mass mailings and mass e-emails, prepare board packets for meetings, prepare newsletters and other routine services.

Social Management – a sometimes forgotten and often neglected part of our service speaks to the “people” part of community associations – the not-so-fun task of dealing with the angry or dissatisfied owner who perhaps get a dues delinquency letter, or a maintenance demand letter. Also, being confronted on the property or at a meeting in a negative way.  We become and are the “bad guy”, so hopefully Board members don’t have to be!